Hakan Optical business, believe first of Muğla Fenner under optical name Yalcin İNAN as an optician in 1964 by İNAN Optical Co., Ltd. is established Believe same with glasses factory Hakan optical transport because of the name of name in 1992 As it has been forced to change. Since 1992 Hakan Optics today under the name of our countrymen Muglali Our company has been serving its inception date innovative approach and the dynamic nature of contemporary spectacle not only in big cities with our city, Of innovation to offer you all in Europe It aims. In this sense, in developed countries, 3D three-dimensional focusing system being used and integrated into the same system of fully automatic glass cutting machine It uses. Optical glasses are the European Union countries used in 3D (three-dimensional) measurement and very ANYWIEW PRO focus with precision focusing system data taken by instruments integrated into the same system again Maxime glass surface provides an excellent computerized Speed It is installed in fully automatic glass cutting machine. Especially the goal of our company friendly service, Follow the global brand and technological innovation to continue to provide to our customers and especially nowadays become a distinct special services improving after-sales service system has come It is to benefit consumers..